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Impostor syndrome as spiritual dilemma

Probably as many as 70% of graduate students suffer from impostor syndrome, and I am one. According to a cursory internet search, impostor syndrome is a “psychological pattern in which an individual doubts their accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a ‘fraud.’” For me, this fear centers almost entirely around… Continue reading Impostor syndrome as spiritual dilemma

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A tale of two dreams

This past Thanksgiving, I had the most intriguing dream of my life. In the first part of the dream, I was explicitly seeking to find “God” by flying to the north pole. I was being pursued by two suited men, who also flew, so this part of the dream was much like “The Matrix”—I would… Continue reading A tale of two dreams

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Leadership as illusion

It used to feel imperative to me that I be a leader. I used to think there were people in life that were followers, and people that were leaders, and that it was better to be the latter than the former. Mostly, I think this vision was bound up in notions of masculinity for me.… Continue reading Leadership as illusion

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Politics, breakdown, and the Age of Aquarius

In light of recent events, I wanted to write a short post on where I think politics in the U.S. is heading, and why. As will become clear, some of my views derive from unorthodox sources. People have wondered why there seems to be a decreasing interest in politics, whether represented by 2014’s stunningly low… Continue reading Politics, breakdown, and the Age of Aquarius

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Three practices to increase listening capacity

It was my sophomore year of college, and a friend had just found me in the library and told me he had something private to tell me. He asked me to follow him to a secluded place that he might share in private, and I followed him out of the library, across the lawns that… Continue reading Three practices to increase listening capacity

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Here, but not: research, sexuality, and objectivity

TW: This essay contains discussion of ambiguous sexual experiences. If this is a source of discomfort for you, please consider whether you would like to read on. My early sexual experiences were colored by ambiguity and discomfort. With one woman in particular, a roommate, there was never full consent about what would happen between us… Continue reading Here, but not: research, sexuality, and objectivity

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What it means to bow to the Buddha

A few years ago while reading a foundational text on Buddhism I had the first of two spiritual experiences with respect to the tradition: every new insight I read, it seemed like I was remembering rather than discovering. That is, it felt like I had been a Buddhist before. I asked a psychic about this… Continue reading What it means to bow to the Buddha